Popcorn 2014

Popcorn Sales are about to begin. September 20 is the official start day for Popcorn. Remember, this is the way to fund your program. Set goals for your Scouts, and track progress. It will pay off at the end of the sale. Remember there will be open warehouse hours to pick up additional product. Even if you didn’t initially place an order for “on-hand” product, you can still pick some up.

Show and Deliver is a great method for selling popcorn. It’s similar to a candy bar sale. Take the product with you, door-to-door. When you get a yes for an order, you simply provide them the product. No return trip to deliver the product, and no customer skipping out on their order. Sometimes, customers will even eat all their product and want more. Stick a label on the product (after it is sold) with a phone number to order more. 



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